Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the Dundungo return policy allows you to return the products up to 14 calendar days from the date you received the product.

Products must be returned in the same state at which you received them. Therefore, returned products must be unused and complete.

The following products cannot be returned unless they are defective:

  • Products that may not be returned are those that, due to reasons of hygiene or health protection, have been unsealed by you after delivery (for example, cosmetic products), or those that were inextricably mixed with other products after their delivery.
  • Sealed sound or video recordings or sealed software if they were unsealed by you after delivery.
  • Custom-made or clearly personalized goods, specifically including Dundungo Custom Story products.

Note: If the reason for the return of the product is not due to the fact that it was damaged, defective or incorrect, we will not refund the amount of the gift wrap, shipping costs, or any other service related to your order; We will only refund the cost of the product. If you use a paid return postage label, we will deduct the shipping costs from the total refund amount.

This return policy does not affect your legal customer rights.

Note: Please note that, as stated in our return policy, the returned product must be in the same state in which you received it. This means that new products must be returned in exactly the same condition as they were received from Dundungo (including all accessories). The amount of refunds for returned products that are not received in this state may be reduced.

Defective or damaged products

Defective product

You may claim that a product is defective for 20 days following the date of receipt. You can return a defective product within 20 days from the date of receipt of the order through our Customer Service Centre.

Our Returns Support Centre can only be used on a limited basis for complaints made after 20 days from the date of receipt. Contact our Customer Service so we can help you exercise your warranty rights.

Note: when sends you a replacement for a damaged or defective product, you must return the original product within 20 days from the date on which we confirm the replacement order. If you do not return the original product within 30 days, reserves the right to charge for the price of the replacement product using the same payment method you used to confirm the order.

Product damaged during shipping

If you receive a product that was damaged during its shipment, you can return it within 20 days from the date that you received the order or contact our Customer Service Centre.

How do we calculate the return shipping costs?

If you return a product due to an error made by Dundungo, we will bear the cost of the return as long as you have used a paid-postage return label. If you want to return a product without any error on the part of Dundungo and you use a return label with paid postage, we will deduct the return cost from the total amount of the refund.

Custom products

The following points apply to product returns with customization options, including products with configuration options, custom images, text inscriptions, or custom designs (for example, prints, monograms, embroidery, or embossing):

  • You must contact customer service within 14 days of receiving the product.
  • If the product includes a personal configuration, inscription, or design, the seller is under no obligation to accept the return or exchange of the product unless the product was damaged or defective upon receipt.
  • It is necessary to return all the packaging (for example, the box) along with the product.

Deletion of personal data

When returning a product, regardless of the reason, you must return it in the same conditions in which you received it from Dundungo. In this sense, you must erase, eliminate, and delete all personal data about you and/or a third party that may be present in that item, and you must modify the account settings so that they can no longer be recorded. You will be fully responsible for any data breach that may occur if you do not proceed as indicated. You must remove any item that is not related to the returned product and the box containing it, leaving it as it was initially received from Dundungo. Dundungo will not be responsible for the items you unintentionally leave in the returned product or in the box containing it. You agree and accept that the returned product will become the property of Dundungo and that, therefore, Dundungo has the right to sell it to third parties at its discretion.