FAQ - Help

Is it easy to create customised stories?

Yes, it is fast and easy, you just have to folllow the instructions step by step. Once you have made up your mind; "CUSTOMISE".

How many letters long can the child’s name be?

Child’s name can be as long as 20 CHARACTERS.

Can I see the book before placing my order?

YES, absolutely. Upload the photo, highlight the name of the main character, and you will see the story before paying for it.

Which is the best format to upload the photos?

Please, upload your pictures in .jpg, .jpeg or .png.

Any tips when taking the photo?

It is better to use high resolution photos, well lit and focused, facing the camera.

What is the largest file size?

It musn’t be over 10MB..

How do I place the order?

You can place your order using this website , anyday, any time. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email, detailing the order , tracking and delivery date.

Which countries do you send your products to?

We send stories to any country offering a safe delivery service. Delivery fees are showed when the order is placed.

Do you have any discounts for large orders?

For large orders, please contact hola@dundungo.com

What is the payment method?

Para grandes cantidades contacta con hola@dundungo.com

What is the payment method?

Credit and debits cards are accepted. Paypal and bank transfer are accepted too..

How long does it take to get my product?

2 or 3 days for production, 2 or 3 more for the transit area, depending on the country where it has to be sent. In case of delay, we will contact you.

Do you have any express delivery?

We offer this service in some countries, please check if this service is available for your country when choosing.

How much is the service?

Cost of the service is shown when choosing your country.

Can I return a defective book?

We do our best to send books in excellent conditions, but for any inconvenience please contact hola@dundungo.com

This book is a gift, Does the package include an invoice?

We do not include an invoice in the package in order not to show the price, just in case it is a gift. Invoices can be downloaded when placing the order.